Behavioural Consultations

If your dog displays behavioural problems such as aggression, separation anxiety, excessive barking, destructiveness, digging, etc. it can be symptomatic of an underlying problem related to the dog's genetics, upbringing, environment or physical health.

Because each dog's situation is unique, there are unfortunately no standard, quick and easy solutions to address problem behaviour. The only way to address undesirable behaviour is to arrange for a behavioural consultation with a qualified and reputable dog behaviourist. In this way the probability for an accurate and thorough evaluation right from the start is better, preventing unnecessary stress for you and your dog. A qualified behaviourist will formulate a treatment programme that takes your unique circumstances into consideration; working with both you and your dog's potential to succeed. Following uninformed advice can lead to erroneous remedies that can only make the problem behaviour worse or even permanent.

VERY IMPORTANT - the sooner you act after the problem behaviour started the easier it is to remedy the problem and the better the prognosis.

Please note that no guarantee can be given. The prognosis depends largely on your understanding of the problem behaviour; what can be remedied and what cannot, as well as your commitment, input and determination to achieve results.

Consultations by means of telephone and/or e-mail are only advisable for minor problems or when a visit to your home is not practical.

How does a behavioural consultation work at Dog on the Couch?

Prior to the consultation you will receive a questionnaire by e-mail to complete in detail and e-mail back to me.

Depending on the problem you may be asked to take your dog for a veterinary check up, to ensure that the problem behaviour does not have a medical cause.

I visit you and your dog at home for the behavioural consultation which normally lasts 2 hours. The session starts off with a thorough evaluation that will look, among other things, at your dog's genetics, history, upbringing, environment, activity needs, and relationship with you and other members of your household. I will then prescribe a treatment programme to address the problem behaviour. After the consultation you will receive a written summary as well as supplementary notes (if applicable) that will give a sound behavioural picture of how to proceed and help you with the treatment programme.

NB! Success is dependent on your commitment and patience to consistently implement the treatment programme as prescribed.

Follow up is available telephonically and/or via e-mail to ensure the treatment programme produces favourable results. It is crucial that you contact me on a regular basis to discuss progress.

Depending on the behavioural problem, it might be necessary to arrange for one or more, one hour, follow up sessions to assist with basic obedience training and/or behavioural modification exercises.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if your dog displays undesirable behaviour. If you are unsure about your dog's particular needs regarding training or solving problem behaviour you are welcome to phone or e-mail me to discuss your options..

Although I am based in Pretoria I can refer you to a behaviourist in your area and am also willing to travel up to 100km for a consultation if you cannot find a behaviourist closer to your home.

Find a qualified animal behaviourist in your area. Go to: