The decision to take a rescue dog into one’s family is daunting and especially one that is very anxious and insecure.

Merlin came to us as a rescue, broken in heart and spirit. This brokenness manifested in his anxiousness resulting in his attempts to break into our home and into my car. Out of desperation we approached Dog on the Couch and we were blessed with the wisdom of Mignon.

The insight into Merlin’s behaviour, the why’s and how’s, was amazing and the suggestions have proven themselves time and time again. The regular follow ups kept us reassured that all will be well and suggestions kept on coming. For that we are grateful. There were times where needing to find Merlin a new home became a real possibility. But it never became reality.

We now have a calm, reassured, beautiful dog that understands that we love him, that we will come home and that he does not have to be the leader of the pack. Merlin now has a playmate, a male on top of it, called Oliver.

All we can say is thank you, Mignon.

Mike & Samantha Brown

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