About a year ago our dogs, Gina, a 7-year-old Rottweiler and Spud, a 3-year-old Basset Hound, started aggressively fighting with each other. At first we thought they would get over it, but soon they were fighting twice a week, with Spud urinating and cowering and Gina not letting go. On one occasion she drew blood. We would physically have to pull them apart, and often we would get hurt in the process. The situation was so stressful - I would go to work wondering whether I would find one of the dogs dead when I returned. To “save” our dogs we started making plans on giving one of them away (which resulted in many arguments between my husband and me!).

That’s when we called Mignon. She came to our house and observed the dogs, and told us that the problem was one of jealousy. She instructed us on what to do and not do around our dogs (for example, we were told to ignore them when we got home from work until they had calmed down). She was very patient (with us and the dogs!) and gave many suggestions. Although we’ve had to change our lifestyle a little (we now take the dogs for walks almost daily), they hardly ever fight now, and if it looks like they are about to go for each other, we know what to do to stop them before it gets out of hand. Mignon literally saved our family. Thanks, Mignon! You have no idea how much you helped us!

Chris & Dani Marlin

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