Our family has three Yorkies, one elderly gent of 11 years, and a brother and sister of just over one year. It became evident to us that training two puppies is very different to training one at a time, as they tend to distract each other. We called on Mignon to advise us on how best to teach them the basic commands. Lady, our littlest baby also developed an intense fear of the vacuum cleaner completely out of the blue which we hoped we could help her overcome with Mignon’s help. Mignon pointed out some bad habits that WE had picked up, and why they didn’t help our dogs although our intentions were good, as well as explained life and training from the dogs’ points of view.

We’ve all made some fabulous progress together, such as not only verbal commands for “sit”, “wait” and “okay” before food but also hand signals in silence, and are patiently working towards progress in others – the vacuum cleaner and “lie down” (verbally or signalled!). It is not an instant fix, and you have to put time into doing what Mignon advises or it won’t work, but her help, support and continual communication, as well as the way she explains the situation through your pet’s eyes instead of human eyes, have been well worth it – I only wish we’d called her sooner.

Angel Dawson

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